AWS Athena vs Google BigQuery

 A quick comparaison of Google BigQuery and Aws Athena

Today we look at data analytics services from Google and AWS. While data analytics is a vast area, let’s start with the first step in this cycle; Storing and running queries on your data to get insights. On the google cloud, we have Bigquery — a datawarehouse as a service offering — to efficiently store and query data. On AWS, there was a choice between Redshift and Athena. For this blog, we will look at Athena, because like Bigquery, Athena too, does not need any node/cluster creation.

When you want to run random queries to better understand your data, performance matters. Both these services lay a claim to querying peta bytes of data within minutes, so we take them for a spin. First, let’s understand what these services are.

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Credit: Vishakha Kulkarni