How six lines of code + SQL Server can bring Deep Learning to ANY App?

How six lines of code + SQL Server can bring Deep Learning to ANY App

Here is a great scenario to show all of this in reality. I am going to use an example of predicting galaxy classes from image data – using the power of Microsoft R and its new MicrosoftML package for machine learning (which has been built by our Algorithms and Data Science team). And I am going to do all this in SQL Server with R Services on a readily available Azure NC VM. I am going to classify the images of galaxies and other celestial objects into 13 different classes based on the taxonomy created by astronomers – mainly elliptical and spirals and then various sub-categories within them. The shape and other visual features of galaxies change as they evolve. Studying the shapes of galaxies and classifying them appropriately helps scientists learn how the universe is evolving. It is very easy for us humans to look at these images and put them in the right buckets based on the visual features. But in order to scale it to the 2 trillion known galaxies I need help from machine learning and techniques like deep neural networks – so that is exactly what I am going to use. It’s not a big leap to imagine that instead of astronomy data, we have healthcare data or financial data or IoT data and we are trying to make predictions on that data.